tarik overrasker med lagbytte

Tarik "tarik" Celik overrasker med lagbytte. Blir femte mann i Optic Gaming. ...
Bildet er hentet fra eslgaming.com
Bildet er hentet fra eslgaming.com

Etter at Tarik «tarik» Celik forlot CLG den 11. juli har flere spurt seg om hvilket lag han vil velge som sitt neste hjem. Nå har spilleren valgt sin nye organisasjon i Optic Gaming.

Celik som av mange Nord-Amerikanske Counter-Strike-fans ansees for å være en av de beste spillerne utenom topplagene. Celik har var en av hovedgrunnene til at CLG har vært en av de bedre lagene i regionen. Det var derfor en overraskelse for mange at Celik nå velger og engasjere seg fast i Optic Gaming, som enda har til gode å overbevise i regionen.

Det blir kanadieren Peter «stanislaw» Jarguz som må vike plassen for Celik. Jarguz publiserte følgende melding på TwitLonger:

Today it was announced that I would be replaced in the starting line-up of Optic CS:GO with Tarik from CLG. Obviously this wasn’t my decision, and they did what they felt like was best for the future of the team, and I wish them luck for the future.

I will always cherish my eight months under Optic. Beginning in January, one of the biggest eSports organizations in the world decided to take a chance on our team after we parted ways with Conquest. I felt really honoured to play under the Optic banner and did my best to strive for becoming the best team in North America.

We definitely had some ups and downs but overall I feel that we had a successful year up to this point. I set out a goal for myself and the team at the start of the year and that was to qualify for a major, and I was thrilled when that dream came true. Although we performed horribly at the major, I still felt optimistic for the second half of the year.

I never once believed that after exiting the major that that would be the end of our success. I am a strong believer in the fact that success comes with hard work and I was delighted with our progress, albeit was not as quick as some might have wanted. Nonetheless, we slowly rose to the top of the NA Scene.

This is where I assume the team had other ideas and started to think about changes that they felt were necessary to take them to the next level. I believe that with Tarik they will do well, as he is a fantastic player. I just wish they had told me two weeks ago when they first approached him instead of me learning it from a third party source, as now the season has started and my options will be limited.

As for myself, I will be exploring my options and doing what is best for me in the end. I’d like to thank the GreenWall for all of their support these last eight months; you guys are truly some of the best fans in this community.

Celik vil ha sin Optic-debut i natt klokken 04:00 i ESL Pro League sesong 4 hvor laget møter forhåndsfavoritten i Team Liquid.

Dette betyr at Optic har følgende lagoppstilling:

Damian «daps» Steele
Keith «NAF» Markovic
Óscar «mixwell» Cañellas
Will «RUSH» Wierzba
Tarik «tarik» Celik

Bildet er hentet fra eslgaming.com


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